Tired of the hassle? We are! No more order forms. No more tracking down missing items. No more upfront costs! froovie was created by a teacher who was tired of running the same boring fundraisers. froovie is easy!


Don't like selling stuff? Neither do we! No more catalogs. No more coupon books. No more cheesy sales pitches. Doing good should be enjoyable! froovie is fun!


Want to give because you care? So do we. No more stuff to buy. No more guilt trips. You give to causes you love - now you can love the way you give. froovie is meaningful!

Here's how it works. Get excited!

froovie is a creative online video competition. There are no upfront costs! Raise the money you need in 3 easy steps:

Step 1: Participants make and upload videos

Videos can be fun and random, or you can create a theme. Participants upload their videos to froovie so that they can share them with supporters. They send out invites to friends, family, and people who support your cause.

Step 2: Supporters Vote

Supporters receive a friendly invitation to watch your videos. Then they vote on their favorites! Votes only cost a dollar - and supporters can vote as many times as they like.

Step 3: Raise money—and have fun!

Whatever your cause, you can raise the money you need. You'll be amazed at how much you can raise when you run a creative fundraiser that is easy, fun, and meaningful for everyone involved. Try a froovie fundraiser - you'll be glad you did!

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